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Skyegrove Farm started off as 10 acres of grazing land, and now, although some field areas remain, has mostly
been transformed to market gardening, orchard, and some livestock.

There are 3 large polytunnels and a fruit cage. Kevin rents out one of the polytunnels and has 2 allotment sections:
one for beginner gardeners and one for more advanced gardeners. All gardeners are required to have chemical free practices.

Kevin himself grows food for local shops throughout the year — a range of annual and perennial vegetables. At one point Kevin even delivered these by wheelbarrow.

A large barn and woodstore houses tools and his “sweet meadow hay” that Kevin scythes himself.

There is no water on the land, which has led to some ingenious methods of water storage and irrigation methods.

Kevin teaches scything and hedge laying, either on his property or elsewhere and can provide the scything kit as part of a day’s tuition.

“Skyegrove…licensed to grow and nuture”

Save Our Bees

Bee“Spring’s finally here! The flowers are blooming and the bees are back. But right now toxic pesticide companies and powerful lobbyists are putting together plans to get the UK ban on bee-killing pesticides lifted.

The pesticides, called neonicotinoids, are banned across Europe because they’re responsible for killing our bees. But Liz Truss, our Environment Minister, could ignore the ban and allow them onto British fields for crops planted this summer . . .”

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