Small-scale farm and traditional land-management.

Producing healthy food with care for our environment and local community.









Set in gently sloping fields near Herodsfoot, Cornwall, Skyegrove is a continually evolving project that aims to show people what can be done with the bare minimum of infrastructure.

We do this by growing organic produce for local markets and shops, and by sharing our experience through a growing range of courses and workshops. Please take a look around our website, to find out more about us and our vision for the future!

We currently offer scything courses for beginners and improvers;  We can tailor a course to suit on your own land or you can come to Skyegrove. Please see our ‘Courses’ page.

What Happens at Skyegrove

International Peening Day


In the UK there is a ‘scything renaissance’ taking place. People are rediscovering the many benefits of managing the land with this traditional tool.

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We offer a variety of courses. Whatever you require we can tailor a course to suit your needs. Scything courses, hedgelaying courses etc. . .

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‘Organic’ allotments available within an intensive/integrated farming system. The symbiotic partnership between farmers and their natural resources.

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About Skyegrove

nine and a half acresKevin bought Skyegrove in the spring of 2008, a nine and a half acre field of medium loam soil over shillet, gently sloping to the west/south west. There was no water or electricity, and there were no buildings, just nine and a half acres of grass bounded by Cornish hedges and three gated entrances. This project is an ideal opportunity to show other people what can be done with the bare minimum of infrastructure.

During this crucial time of transition it is becoming of paramount importance to find new ways of living sustainably in times when we cannot take endless fuel supplies for granted. The threat to world food security increases as populations become more unbalanced and disconnected from the land; therefore projects like Skye Grove are becoming increasingly relevant.

This exciting project, beginning on 9½ acres of agricultural land is showing a sustainable system of crop production using traditional and new progressive growing techniques.

We produce organically grown food for our local community where we aim to help people gain a deeper connection with the land and to the way their food is produced. This understanding of the provenance of their food can then be enjoyed and developed through participation in courses, workshops and education.

Times are changing; to redress the balance we need to back away from intensive food production based heavily on the oil industry and to return to handheld and horse-drawn machinery, working harmoniously and gently with the land, for a more authentic way of producing our food.

Today in 2016, we still have no electricty or mains water. We use a rainwater harvesting system and continue to water carefully by hand.

We have invested in a barn to use for storage, workshop space and teaching facilities. We have constructed two more polytunnels, and this will become our fruit cage, and our experimental area. We have a large amount of redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries to protect from the birds!