About Us

Kevin AustinKevin started farming milking dairy cows, which led on to completing an agricultural diploma, to working and managing dairy herds (10 years dairy farming in NZ). Throughout his life having a passion for growing vegetables and being as self sufficient as possible.

On returning to Cornwall Kevin wanted to be part of a change in the way we live on our planet and has worked for the last 15 years at the Eden Project, where he has been an important part of it’s evolution.

Kevin gained a Horticultural Diploma and spent 10 years as the Outdoor Crops Supervisor. Kevin’s currently heads Eden’s Estate’s team and is managing the acres of grounds on the pit’s perimeter, including woods and disused farmland.

Kevin is passionate about traditional land management methods and promotes the use of handheld tools where possible.

Recently, Kevin has liased with the Heritage Crafts Association and initiated several Traditional Land management workshops, helping revival of the lost crafts where man and nature worked in harmony, without reliance on the oil industry.

“If we are to change the way we live on this planet we must foster a more intimate connection to the land.”

Kevin began the project at Skyegrove with a vision to create a project, where individuals and communities can learn how to be more self-sufficient in producing their own food and manage their land in sympathy with the earths limited resources. The project is continuing to develop and evolve.