Scything Equipment

We stock a full range of scything equipment for your needs.
We do stongly recommend a scything course before purchasing any equipment.

You can buy a Basic kit during a course, you can collect one from Skyegrove (by arrangement) where we can offer you a one hour basic set up and guidance workshop, which will help you learn about the scythe and how to use it safely.

You can buy a kit while doing one of our courses, taking home the scythe you have set up under guidance and have used during the course. You will have gained the confidence to use it, sharpen it and get mowing straight away.

Basic Beginners Kit — £106

  • 65cm Ditch blade – the best all-round choice for beginners
  • Adjustable wooden snath
  • Blade attachment ring with allen key and adjustment wedge
  • One Bregenzer sharpening stone (fine)
  • One synthetic sharpening stone (coarse)
  • One flat file
  • Notes on the use of the Austrian scythe — instructional booklet

You can buy a scythe without any training, but I would recommend being shown how to set up the snath and blade, avoiding the most common cause of problems.

I charge £25 for a basic set up and a short guidance workshop, which takes around one hour.

The Basic kit plus basic set up and guidance is £125

If you buy a Scything kit from me at Skyegrove the kits are prepared in advance; The wooden snaths are oiled to protect them, the lacquer is removed from the blade and the blade is peened and the edge honed ensuring your scythe is at its sharpest when you receive it.

The Scythe Stand

INFO for ordering your scythe

When you buy a scythe, order the best blade for your intended purpose and the correct length handle (snath).

The Ditch blade comes in two lengths and is best for beginners, and for grass and weeds, nettles, brambles and bracken, (not recommended for thicker stems such as blackthorn suckers).

The Profisense is best for just cutting grass, which comes in five lengths.

The Austrian grass blade, in two lengths, is for grass and light weeds.

When placing your order please specify:

(a) which blade you want and

(b) which size snath you need, or alternatively specify the height of the main user.

(c) your postal address

For any enquiries or more information on any scything equipment.