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Our Allotments

Organic Allotments Available For Local People.

Using a cohesive blend of traditional and progressive growing methods we endeavour to encourage the production of healthy, organic food for local people. This benefits the local community by reducing food miles, offering fresher food with increased nutrition as well as reconnecting people with the land.

We offer allotments to rent for the dedicated grower. This is an opportunity to be a part of an innovative long-term project. We are on hand to offer advice or guidance if required.

Allotment Agreement

The download link for the Allotment Agreement PDF is situated just below. It is in the interests of all  of us that everyone abides by the rules laid out in this document. It will be taken as read that all allotment holders have scutinised, and agree to be bound by the rules laid out in this document. Thanks for your co-operation!

Could all allotment holders please download the Allotment Agreement PDF from the button on the right, and read, sign, and return it. Thank you!