Scything as a way of grass management

Scything Courses and Meetings at Skyegrove

Scything Association of Britain LogoIn the UK there is a ‘scything renaissance’ taking place. People are rediscovering the many benefits of managing the land with this traditional tool. No more droning of strimmers and fume-filled air. You will tune into the silence, the sound of the birds and the calm rhythm of a Tai-Chi like movement as your blade swishes gently and efficiently through the grass, leaving neat swathes of mowings ready to gather. Mowing will become a simple pleasure rather than a chore.

We are running Scything courses for Beginners and Improvers. We can also bring our teaching equipment to your own location and deliver courses to suit either individuals, or groups.

2019 Scything Meetings

Cornwall Scything Meet & Peening Day — Sat 13th April 2019

(International Peening Day is on the 1st of April, but I will be travelling then, so our meet will be on the 13th).

Getting started for the season. Come and Clean & Peen Your Blade with other Cornish Scythers at Skyegrove. 

Bring a packed lunch.

Teaching at Strawberry hill
Mowing Lush British Meadow in at Wimpole
The Scythe Stand

2019 Scything Courses

Beginners Courses

Saturday 18th May 2018 10.00-4.00pm
Saturday 13th July 10.00-4.00pm

Improvers Course

Saturday 7th September 2018 10.00-4.00pm

This is an informal open day for all scythers, and those with an interest, to gather, share stories, peen up and hone your blade and practice some mowing.


"Just to let you know that you promised a great day, but you delivered much more than that!!!! Adrian and I have been looking forward to the day since booking it, and both our expectations were surpassed. You said that we would get hooked on scything, and we are, for sure! Personally I can not see how you could better the day, both your teaching and instruction was thorough and concise. With practical experience on a range of different conditions of "mowing". I came away from the course full with the confidence to go out immediately to get started."

18th May & 13th July 2019

This is a One-day course and runs from 10.00am-4.00pm inclusive of tea/coffee and a light lunch. We will cover these basics: –

  • Introduction to the scythe
  • Setting up a scythe for your own body size
  • Care and maintenance of the scythe, (keeping the blade sharp, peening the edge)
  • The practice of mowing and different styles for different conditions

I favour a 65cm Ditch blade for beginners. The Ditch blade is an all round blade for clearing weeds or cutting grass. Its design makes it robust enough to mow on slightly uneven ground and cope with thick brambles and weeds. It has a strong, blunt tip that is less likely to get damaged by hidden obstacles or to dig into the ground. A 65cm blade is small enough to manoeuver around the garden and will also tackle larger areas.

7th September 2019

After a season’s mowing an improvers course is highly recommended.

This course includes blade repair and peening procedures to keep a really keen edge. Course includes tea/coffee and a light lunch.

The fine tuning of individuals technique to improve efficiency, the mowing of a wider selection of material ranging from short lawn grass to coarse brambles along hedge bases using different blades.

Kevin is the Cornish ‘Scythe Association’ representative and has completed their teacher training course, and is the contact in Cornwall for all scything equipment and stocks.

To Purchase Equipment

If you would like to purchase scything equipment from us, and for details of the equipment we have available, please click the buttons at the foot of this page.

During the day you will have plenty of hands-on mowing practice. I will observe, help and advise where needed so you can gain the confidence to use your own scything kit, or you can take home the scythe you have set up for yourself and worked with during the day.

You will need to bring: wet weather gear, suitable footwear, a drink, suncream/sunhat, notebook and enthusiasm!

Max 6 students, so booking is essential.

Cost of the course £65 per person (Which includes tea/coffee and a light lunch).

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can come to your land to deliver the course for a group of students (6 max) the cost is £200.

Please Email me from the ‘Contact Us’ page to arrange payment.

You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash. (Please note: I do not have the facility to take card payments)

Arranging Payment & Equipment Purchase