Beginner’s Scything Course July 2019

Manual hay baler

Thanks to Sandy, Peter, Guy and Jack, who were on Skyegrove’s second beginner’s course for the season. They were all quick learners and did a great job at mowing the orchard.

Hay Bales

Now all baled and in the barn before the rains come, hopefully!!

Haymaking at Skyegrove

Adrian & Barry with bailerWe had a very busy July after returning from the competitions, having to catch up with our own haymaking! It was lovely to have Adrian & Barry visit for a peening workshop, and Barry also brought along his handbaler which he hopes shortly to put into commercial production.

He is currently ironing out a few minor details.

I thought it demonstrated excellent quality in producing a mini bale of medium weight!

If anyone would like further information on this exciting innovation, please contact me.