Estonia 2018

Tallin, Estonia

Kevin spent 10 days scything and travelling the National Parks of Estonia back in July.

Estonia is the least populated EU country at only 1.3 million and 450,000 live in the Capital of Tallin. Arrival city for flights is Tallin its a wonderful cultural city with a fantastic medieval history, the country is inhabited by 80% Estonians and 20% Russian.

Estonia is in Northern Europe opposite Finland on the banks of the Baltic and over 50% forested and still has populations of Lynx, moose, bear etc.

The scything took place in ancient woodland meadows, teaching students (to maintain this ancient system). The biting insects were nightmarish mozzies, horseflies and noseeems (you don’t see them but you certainly feel them!

Interestingly blade maintenance involved scraping an edge onto the blade! this was effective short term, but I stilled preferred to peen, which also tempers the edge(was teaching this method).

As with Eastern Europe straight snaths were used being cheaper and easily replacable. Blades were Russian grass blades not ideal for the woodland meadows due to the small trees that needed mowing.

The access and use of national parks was brilliant, including Laheema, sooma and Karula. The National parks hold amazing unique eco systems found in the numerous raised bog landscapes all board walked out and with freely accessible camping.

A trip to Estonia highly recommended.