Eastern Counties Scything Competition

Kevin at WimpoleEastern Counties Scything Competition, Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire.

A wonderful setting in the National Trust Wimpole Estate, Simon Damant, head forester organises an annual rural craft fair and scything competitions for fun and the more serious.

New champion, Michael Gerrard with his English snath combined with Austrian blade won the 5m x 5m in roughly one 1 minute 30 seconds. Kevin won the 10m x 10m in 4 minutes 38 seconds and also won for the first time, the quarter of an acre in 1 hour 16 minutes.

Group Wimpole Scything Competition
Tim, Richard, and Phil

The unique aspect of this competition is that there is no shortage of grass and we are able to compete on the larger areas. A lot of the talk was about next year’s competition which will be the top scythers competing to finish one acre of grass each! Historically this was considered to be the amount a skilled scyther could do in one day — Watch this space!

Phil at Wimpole Scything Cometition

Black and white photo credits: Simon Damant

The Somerset Scythe Festival

The Somerset Scythe FestivalA well attended show of around 5000 this year with the usual array of wonderful stalls selling organic food, old tools, blacksmithing, woodworking demos, plenty of music and fun was had.

Scything conditions were near perfect with record times being achieved. Kevin came second this year to George who stormed his plot in 40 seconds! Congratulations to him.

Team Cornwall also achieved 2nd place, thanks to Tracy Harris, Tim Radja and John Fenn.


Video curtesy of Steve Tomlin. https://stevetomlincrafts.wordpress.com/learn-to-scythe/

Some images from the day . . .

Kevin at Muchelney











assembled scythes











Scythe talk-1











Scythe talk-2











scything stall

Kevin’s Scything Tips at Keveral

scything demo at KeveralA throng of interested people soon gathered around Kevin at Keveral Farm’s Open Day recently. They were all eager to glean some tips on scything, and Kevin was happy to pass on some of his knowledge.

There has been a huge renaissance in scything of late and a lot of people are keen to reconnect with the ancient art. If you would like to know more about scything, why not take a look at our Scything Courses and Meetings page?



Keveral Open Day — Man-v-Machine

Keveral Open DayA great day was had by all at Keveral’s fantastic, and fun Open Day on Saturday the 27th May.

Hopefully this will be an annual event, and, hopefully too, Skyegrove will be hosting their own Open Day in the very near future.

The highlight of the Open Day was the Man-v-Machine Competition. All three contestants were well supported by the good-natured crowd.

So! — Was Mark ‘Bertie Bertollini’s’ mower knobbled? Will there be a revenge / grudge match at Skyegrove?

Let’s hope so! — Something we can all look forward to!


Don’t forget! — This weekend the wonderful craft fair, including scything competitions, at Muchelney, Somerset will be taking place (see our previous post Green Scythe Fair). Not to be missed!

Green Scythe Fair 2017

Green Scythe Fair Logo“This is a magical one day environmental fair in a beautiful setting on the Somerset Levels run entirely by volunteers on wind, sun and muscle power. Excellent live music, over 70 stalls displaying traditional skills, crafts and produce, lively environmental debates, delicious organic local food, a variety of the best ales and ciders and a large kids area with activities throughout the day”

Visit the webiste here — Green Scythe Fair 2017

Green Scythe Fair 2017

Visit the webiste here — Green Scythe Fair 2017