Flower Essence Making Workshops

flower essence workshops


Flower Essence Making Workshops at Skyegrove. Spring and Summer 2018


Making flower essences involves collecting flowers from the right kind of place, in good condition in fine weather and so it is not possible to plan exact dates for doing this.  It is getting much harder to find opportunities to make essences as our normal British climate becomes unpredictable and cloudier. Flowers in the right condition are less abundant than they were when Dr Bach began his journey of rediscovery of this ancient healing art, early last century.  Flower essence making is an activity that is best viewed as an adventure. If a keen eye has been kept on the flowers it is hoped but not guaranteed that everything will come together to enable the essence to be made at the right time.

Because of the unpredictability of weather and flowers it is not straightforward to either plan or participate in a workshop and the best I can do is offer a list of possible dates when I am available and ask that you contact me if you are interested in being kept in the loop as to the days weather is likely to be good and sunny.

Essence making spans the whole spring and summer seasons and there will be a list of possible essences that can be made over that period if conditions and free time permit.

The Workshops

Flower essence making is a practical but also spiritual activity and the group will meet early in the morning to do a short meditation before the flower gathering, to help us connect with nature and the energies that support our work, and to open our hearts so we go about our gathering and making peacefully and with gratitude.  We will aim to make both essences that require use of the Boiling Method and also the Sun Method. While our essences are being made we will have time to talk about the particular qualities and uses of the essences we are making. Sun Method essences require about 4 hours of good sunlight before bottling and there will be plenty of time to relax during the morning, or even go and come back again if necessary, and the essence making and workshops will finish by 1pm.  To produce a top quality Mother Tincture it is best for the essence to be potentised by leaving under a pyramid overnight and workshop participants will be sent a bottle of the essence Mother Tincture as soon as possible after potentization.

Before the season of practical workshops, it would be beneficial for those interested in participating to meet with me one evening and we can look at the basic theory on the use and making of flower essences. Doing this means people can gather early mornings for the practical events and a long explanation about what we are doing and why won’t be needed.

The practical workshops will start about 7.45 am.  Flowers need to be collected before 9am and this meeting time, although early, enables us to clarify what we are doing, join for a short meditation while leaving time for relaxed flower collection before 9am.  Refreshments will be provided during the morning after flower collection and you are advised to either have a very light breakfast before meeting at Skygrove /alternative venue for essence making, or please be welcome to bring a packed breakfast to eat after the flower collection has been done first thing.

This season of workshops is informal and “low tec”.  Skyegrove where most of the essences will be made, is an off-grid smallholding nearr Herodsfoot, and we will be enjoying the old-fashioned benefits of paper handouts and flip charts etc, although electronic copies of any papers can be sent by email after the workshop. We can gather in a polytunnel to talk through the essences we have been making. The workshops aim to be a starting point for those who want to find out more about these wonderful tools for promoting balance and wellbeing. The workshops will give you the practical experience and basic theoretical knowledge required for you to confidently make and use your own flower essences for self, friends and family.  The range of 38 Bach flower essences can take many years to learn about in depth and the process never really ends, but everyone will find they have certain essences and essence “states” that are key essences for them and those they know well and these are a good starting point both for making your own essences and for further contemplation and learning on the essences” states” both in and out of balance.  

Possible practical workshop dates


(Evening theory meeting date April to early May to be arranged to suit participants)

Fri/Sat/Sun 27th/28th/29th

Possible essences are Larch, Gorse Beech, Willow, Crab Apple, Holly, Hornbeam, Star of Bethlehem.


Fri/Sat/Sun 4th/5th/6th

Fri/Sat/Sun 18th/19th/20th

Possible essences are those above plus Pine and Mustard


Fri/Sat/Sun 1st/2nd/3rd

Possible essences are Pine, Mustard, Wild Rose, Agrimony.

Dates for July onwards to be arranged.

Please contact me, Janice Bell on 07971 544321, or from our ‘Contact Us‘ page. if you are interested in participating in the seasons workshops.

All welcome, learn about, and make, Bach and other flower essences to use at home for balancing mind and emotions and many other uses.

Essence making opportunities are only predictable a few days in advance as the task requires good weather and availability of high quality flowers (minimum of £5.00 required per essence made to cover costs).